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Crushing divider unit with Jaw crushers

Crushing divider unit with Jaw crushers based on Jaw crushers JC 6, JC 6М, JC 10, JC 10М and JC 15 are designed for crushing and reduction of samples of rocks and ores to prepare them for analysis.


CDU with JC 6

CDU with JC 6M

CDU with JC 10

CDU with JC 10M

CDU with JC 15

Technological parameters
Average product particle size at minimum gap, mm 0,5-1,0 0,7-1,5 0,5-0,8
Product particle size at minimum gap, mm 90%<2,0   90%<2,5 90%<1,0 
Maximum initial material grain size, mm* 50 70 110
Mohs hardness of crushed material, up to 8** 7
Technical parameters
Hopper loading door dimensions, mm 160х250 70х135 265х365 90х210 160х245
Crusher loading door dimensions, mm 60х100 100х200 150х250
Discharge slot adjustment range, mm 2-15 2,5-35 1-40
Reduction  1/2 - 1/100
50 Hz supply voltage, V 380
Crusher motor power, kW 1,1 2,2 5,5
Divider motor-reducer power, kW  70
Gross/usable capacity of the receiving bin on a roll-out trolley, l 19/12,5
Overall dimensions (Length x Width x Height), mm 840х760х1290 840х760х1275 860х760х1405 860х760х1390 1110х760х1605
Weight, kg 325 315 445 455 665
Jaw material – iron / steel / tungsten carbide EN-GJN-HV600 (XCr14) / GX120Mn13 / tungsten carbide EN-GJN-HV600 (XCr14) / X20Cr13/-
Jaw hardness – iron / steel / tungsten carbide 52-55/ 31-32 HRc/ 1180-1280 HV 52-55/ 
31-32 HRc/-
Armor lining material - tool steel 66Mn4
Armor lining hardness, HRC 31-32
Compatible control panel CMCP-07 CMCP-08 CMCP-09

* Depends on the hardness of the material and the discharge slot setting.
** When using jaws made of tungsten carbide.

Advantages of VIBROTECHNIK Crushing divider unit with Jaw crushers:

  • Simultaneous crushing and reduction of samples in a single process;
  • Efficient operation by adjustment of grain-size composition of product and degree of reduction of sample within a wide range;
  • Ability to carry out multiple crushing of samples to the required particle size with preservation or reduction of total weight of sample;
  • Combined control panel;
  • Stainless steel receiving tray with adjustable reduction;
  • Latch between trays prevents sample from falling past trays.

Applications: ferroalloys, ore, granite, marble, limestone, coal, slag, cement, glass, ceramics, medicines and pharmaceuticals.

Industries: mining, metallurgy, construction, chemical, pharmaceutical.