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Jaw crushers

The jaw crushers are designed to crush brittle bulk materials of various strength and hardness.

In the jaw crushers, the material particles are broken down by the compressive and shear strains between the fixed and moving jaws.

The grain size of the crushed material is determined by the gap between the jaws in the lower part (the discharge slot) and the physical properties of the material.

JC 6 JC 6М   JC 10   JC 10M   JC 15  
Technological parameters
Average product particle size at minimum gap, mm 0,5-1,0 0,7-1,5 0,5-0,8
Product particle size at minimum gap, mm 90%<2,0 90%<2,5 90%<1,0  
Maximum initial material grain size, mm* 50 70 110  
Mohs hardness of crushed material, up to 8** 7
Output, kg/hour* 25-400 50-800 50-1500  
Technical parameters
Hopper loading door dimensions, mm 160х250 70х135 265х365 90х210 160х245
Crusher loading door dimensions, mm 60х100 100х200 150х250
Discharge slot adjustment range, mm 2-15  2,5-35 1-40  
50 Hz supply voltage, V 380
Electric motor power, kW 1,1 2,2 5,5
Gross/usable capacity of the collecting container, l 2,1 / 1,4 2,4 / 1,6 _ 14/9 
Gross/usable capacity of the collecting tank, l 10/6,5 24/16 -
Overall dimensions (Length x Width x Height / Height with support stand), mm 640х340х600 / 1090 645х340х610 / 1100 740х475х630 / 1105 710х490х620 / 1090 1000х570х960
Weight/weight with support stand and control panel, kg 130 / 165 140 / 175 275 / 320 285 / 330 520 / -
Jaw material – iron / steel / tungsten carbide EN-GJN-HV600 (XCr14) / GX120Mn13 / tungsten carbide EN-GJN-HV600 (XCr14) / X20Cr13 / -
Jaw hardness – iron / steel / tungsten carbide 52-55/ 31-32 HRC/ 1180-1280 HV
31-32 HRC/-
Armor lining material - tool steel 66Mn4
Armor lining hardness, HRC 31-32
Compatible control panel MCP3-02

* Depends on the hardness of the material and the discharge slot setting.
** When using jaws made of tungsten carbide.

Advantages of VIBROTECHNIK Jaw crushers:

  • The complex movement of the jaw (primarily horizontal vibrations in the upper part of the crushing zone and vertical vibrations in the lower part) provides a high degree of crushing;
  • The walls of the housing in the crushing zone are protected by durable steel liners;
  • The interchangeability of the fixed and moving jaws increases their service life;
  • The configuration of the loading hopper and cover and the connection to a dust removal system prevent crushed material from being ejected and reduce dust;
  • There is a hinged (removable) loading hopper for easy cleaning of the crushing chamber and monitoring of the gap between the jaws;
  • The attachment of the jaw wedges to the ends of the base and the crank arm prevents damage to the attachment, allowing the jaws to be easily replaced;
  • Easy adjustment of the V-belt drive by a rotating slide plate;
  • Housings, limit microswitches and an emergency stop button ensure limited access to the drive parts of the crusher and safe operation;
  • The use of a large-diameter support thread in the adjustment device reduces the likelihood of it jamming;
  • Patented designs. Patent for utility model No. 159277 of September 24, 2015

Applications: ferroalloys, ore, slag, granite, marble, limestone, coal, coke, glass, ceramics, opal.

Industries: mining, metallurgy, construction, chemical, pharmaceutical.