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Soil Grinder

The SG 1 soil grinder is designed to grind dry soil samples without comminuting plant inclusions and stones.

Soil comminution in the grinder occurs as result of material particles being crushed by rollers.

The grain size of the comminuted product is regulated by the size of the discharge grating openings and depends on the physical properties of the material.


 SG 1

Technological parameters
Average comminuted product particle size with grate with 1 mm opening, mm 0,25-0,5
Comminuted product particle size with grate with 1 mm opening, mm 100%<1,0
Maximum initial material grain size, mm 20
Output, sample/hour* 20-40
Mohs hardness of initial material, up to 2
Technical parameters
Hopper loading door dimensions, mm 145х140
Grinder loading door dimensions, mm 37х145
Size of discharge grate openings, mm 1 or 2
50 Hz supply voltage, V 380
Motor-reducer power, kW 0,75
Shaft rotational speed, rpm 75
Gross/usable capacity of the collecting container, l 2/ 1,4
Overall dimensions without/with support stand and control panel (Length x Width x Height), mm 640х465х720/
Weight/weight with support stand and control panel, kg 60/140
Rollers material – tool steel 105WCr6
Rollers hardness, HRC 48-52
Compatible control panel PCP3-04 (with the timer)

*  for samples weighing 0.5 kg each

Advantages of VIBROTECHNIK Soil Grinder SG 1:

  • Grinding of soil components in a sample without overmilling;
  • Adjustment of product grain size due to:
    • replaceable discharge grates;
    • adjustment of gap between rollers and grate.
  • Discharge grate with conic openings;
  • Easy cleaning due to:
    • folding discharge funnel;
    • easily removable support with attached discharge grate.
  • Two discharge modes:
    • to the receiving container (volume 2 L);
    • to the custom containers mounted in the box adapter;
  • 90° rotation and locking of chamber for maintenance and adjustment of roller position;
  • easily removable support with attached discharge grate.
  • A nozzle for connecting the dust removal system;
  • Reduction of vibrations transmitted to the floor due to shock absorbers;
  • Possibility to equip with the Control panel;
  • Possibility to equip with the Stand with collecting bin.

Applications: peat, red soil, black soil.