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Vibrating cone mills

Vibrating cone mills are designed to crush and pulverize hard and brittle bulk materials of various strengths.

In the cone mill, pulverization occurs by means of abrasion – simultaneous compressive and shear strain of material particles between the outer and inner shells.

Technological parameters


 VCM 10

Average product particle size at minimum gap, mm 60-100 70-100
Product particle size at minimum gap, mm 90%<250
Maximum initial material grain size, mm* 5 10
Mohs hardness of crushed material, up to 7
Output, kg/hour* 1-20 1-35
Technical parameters
Loading door dimension, mm Ø95 Ø129
Crushing zone loading door dimension, mm Ø51 Ø62
Discharge slot adjustment range, mm 0-5 0-10
50 Hz supply voltage, V 220/380 380
Electric motor power, kW 1,5/0,55 1,5
Leading debalance speed, rpm 2250; 2500 1750; 2400; 3000
Gross/usable capacity of the collecting container, l 0,8/0,5 -
Overall dimensions (Length x Width x Height), mm
with 220 V electric motor 485х235х370 -
with 380 V electric motor 350х235х395 480х250х420
Weight/weight with control panel, kg
with 220 V electric motor -/ 40 -
with 380 V electric motor -/ 45 65/ 70
Cones material – tool steel


Cones hardness, HRC


Compatible control panel



* Depends on the physical properties of the material and the gap between cones

Advantages of VIBROTECHNIK Vibrating cone mills:

  • Pulverization of material particles without overmilling of the entire sample;
  • Obtaining various product particle sizes by:
    • adjusting the gap between the shells;
    • selecting the amplitude of the inner shell oscillations (VCM 10);
    • installing a long or short pin (VCM 10);
    • selecting the rpm of the drive drum weight (in the VCM 6 – 2, and the speed in the VCM 10 – 3);
  • The possibility for operation "under debris" – without adding material to be crushed;
  • Discharging of material into an inner or outer container (for collecting small-volume samples or continuous operation; VCM 6).

Applications: Ferroalloys, ore, coal, slag, ceramics, glass, limestone, soda, smalt, diatomaceous earth.

Industries: mining, metallurgical, construction, chemical.