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Сyclone dust collector

The cyclone dust collector is designed to create an air flow that captures the duct fraction of the material crushed and settles it in a cyclone and bag filter.

The primary components of the product are a fan, cyclone with shutter, frame and bag filter.
The support structure has wheels equipped with brakes for moving the dust collector.

The dust collector has an adjustable exhaust hood for use as a local exhaust unit. The exhaust hood can be used as an air intake in both the loading zone and discharging zone.



CDC with hood

Technological parameters

Air flow rate, m3/hour 300-350
Minimum size of the captured particles, μm 15
Compatibility with equipment models (connecting to the loading and / or unloading zone)  JC 6, JC 6M, JC 10, JC 10M, JC 15, CM 250, HC 2x2, DRC 200x125, RSDM, CDU Equipment with a loading hopper located at a height of not more than 1800 mm
Technical parameters
Fan type  VTs 14-46
50 Hz supply voltage, V 380
Electric motor power, kW 1,5
Motor shaft speed, rpm 3000
Overall dimensions (Length x Width x Height), mm 1335х485х1855 1605х1245х2085 
Weight/weight with control panel, kg 109/114 129/134
Bag filter material "Ozon-16" filter fabric, spunbond
Compatible control panel MCP3-03


  • Cleaning the dust fraction larger than 15 μm from the air flow;
  • Periodic discharging of material from the cyclone through a gate;
  • Connection of the dust collector to two types of hose:
    • Ø70 for DRC 200х125, НМ 2х2, JC 6М, JC 10М and JC 15;
    • Ø200 for HM 5х2, HM 5х5 and СM 250;
  • Connection of the dust collector to several units of equipment via T-joints;
  • Use of the dust collector with hood as a local exhaust;
  • Pneumatic classification of material into two fractions: fine in bag filter and coarse in the cyclone;
  • The dust collector is a closed-loop device: all of the purified air is returned to the room.