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Vibration drives

The Sieve Shaker consists of a vibration drive with a set of sieves installed, a tray, a cover and a device for fastening the sieves. The type of vibration drive, the number of sieves, and the intermediate rings and trays are selected depending on the order and according to the size of the mesh or the apertures in the perforated plate.


  • High quality, confirmed by 100 Best Products in Russia and Made in St. Petersburg awards;
  • Accurate, reproducible sieving results;
  • Vibration drives equipped with shock absorbers to cancel out the vibration which occurs during operation;
  • Made of materials permitted to come into contact with food products;
  • Sieve Shakers on base Vibration drive VD 30, Vibration drive VD 30Т and Vibration drive EVD are equipped with Т 80 support stands; Sieve Shakers on base Vibration drive VD 50 are equipped with Т 40 support stand and control panels;
  • Small size and low weight;
  • Low noise.
Characteristics VD 30 VD 30T VD 50 EVD
Amplitude (semispan) of vibrations (mm) 0,25-0,75


Vibration frequency (vibrations/minute) 1500 1200-1800
Timer setting (min) - 0:01…99:59 - 0:01…0:30
Electric motor power (kW) 2х0,025 2х0,37 0,1
50 Hz supply voltage (V) 220 220/380 220
Overall dimensions (Length x Width x Height) (mm) 360/380х345х190 570х570х365 400х360х180
Maximum weight (kg) 19 70 45