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Hammer crushers

Hammer crushers are designed to crush brittle materials and break down conglomerates.

The Hammer crusher HC 2х2 is laboratory-class equipment designed to crush small batches of material with output up to 100 kg/hour.

Hammer crushers HC 5х2 and HC 5х5 are industrial-class equipment used in busy laboratories or in small and medium-sized production facilities.

The operational principle of a hammer crusher is based on impact on material particles.

Material particles are broken down:

  • when a hammer falls on them;
  • when they impact the liner and walls of the housing;
  • when the particles collide with each other.


HC 2х2

HC 5х2

HC 5х5

Technological parameters
Average product particle size when 0,8 mm grate is used, mm 0,3-0,5 0,6-1,5
Comminuted product particle size when 0,8 mm grate is used, mm 90%<0,5   90%<2,0
Maximum initial material grain size, mm* 20 100
Mohs hardness of crushed material, up to 4 5
Output, kg/hour* 25-1500 100-3500 200-7000
Technical parameters
Hopper loading door dimensions, mm 200х330 260х490 220х495
Crusher loading door dimensions, mm 110х158 254х300 300х498
Size of discharge grate openings, mm 0,8-20 2-50
50 Hz supply voltage, V 380
Electric motor power, kW 2,2 11 22
Rotor speed, rpm 1500
Overall dimensions (Length x Width x Height), mm

885 х 550 х 1410

1560 х 805 х 1230

1755 х 840 х 1185

Weight/weight with control panel, kg




Hammers material – tool steel 66Mn4
Hammers hardness, HRC 52-56 38-42
Compatible control panel MCP3-04 MCP3-09  MCP3-10

* Depends on the physical properties of the material and the size of discharge grate openings

Advantages of VIBROTECHNIK Hammer crushers:

  • The ability to obtain various crushed product grain sizes by:
    • installing grates with openings of various shapes and sizes from 0.8 mm;
    • selecting the number and shape of the hammers;
    • changing the HC 2х2 rotor rpm;
    • installing a smooth or ribbed liner in the cover of the HC 2х2;
  • Free suspension of the hammers on the rotor axes reduces the probability of mill breakage when an unbreakable object falls into the working chamber;
  • The size and configuration of the loading funnel have been selected for safe maintenance and to prevent ejection of material particles during operation;
  • The hinged bolts on the cover of the HC 2х2 provide quick access to the crushing chamber for inspection and replacement of hammers and grates, and cleaning
    of the chamber;
  • Ability to connect to the dust collector to:
    • lower the temperature in the crushing chamber;
    • lower the content of the dust fraction in the product;
    • separate material into three fractions: sedimented into the crusher receiving container, cyclone and bag filter.
  • Equipment of the HC 5х2 and HC 5х5 with a support frame and receiving containers of various volumes depending on the process task.

Applications: сoal, foil, polyester resin, glass, slag, salt, shale, electrical circuits, HHD disks, food products.

Industries: mining, metallurgical, construction, chemical, pharmaceutical.