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Double-roller Crusher

The Roller crusher with smooth rollers DRC 200х125 is designed to crush brittle materials of various strengths.

The operational principle of the roller crusher is based on simultaneous compressive and shear strains between rollers rotating in opposite directions.

The grain size of the crushed material is determined by the gap between the rollers, the compressive force of the springs and the physical properties of the material.


DRC 200х125

Charging door dimensions (mm)

100 х 25

Roller diameter (mm)


Roller length (mm)


Maximum material feed size (mm)


Gap between rollers (mm)


Average crushed product particle size at minimum aperture (mm)


Maximum output (kg/hour)


Hardness of material crushed

Up to 7 Mohs units

Electric motor power (kW)

2 х 1,1

Roller rpm

650 and 670

50 Hz supply voltage (V)


Overall dimensions (mm) (Length х Width х Height)

680 х 400 х 950

Weight (kg)


Roller material: tool steel

AISI 1066, AISI 01, DIN 150Cr14

Advantages of VIBROTECHNIK Double-roller Crusher DRC 200х125:

  • Effective capture of the material particles is ensured by the differing speed of the rollers;
  • The adjusting mechanism makes it possible to ensure a uniform gap between the rollers;
  • The spring unit protects the crusher against breakage when an unbreakable object falls into it, while adjustment of the compressive force of the springs reduces overmilling of the material crushed;
  • The side walls of the crushing chamber are protected by adjustable fluoroplastic liners that limit spillage of the material from the ends of the rollers;
  • The quickly removable loading funnel and crushing chamber housing simplify maintenance and cleaning;
  • The material feed rate is adjusted using:

Applications: granite, marble, diatomaceous earth, granodiorite, limestone, aluminum oxide, flux, glass, PVC, sugar.

Industries: mining, metallurgical, construction, chemical.