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Shaker mixers

Shaker mixers SM 2.0 and SM 50.0 are designed for mixing bulk or liquid substances.

SM 2.0 shaker mixer is laboratory class equipment with a cup volume of 2 liters. The distinctive feature of the SM 2.0 is the ability to adjust the rotational speed from 10 to 75 rpm.

The «Drum Tumbler» SM 50.0 shaker mixer is industrial-class equipment used in busy laboratories and small industrial facilities.

Technical characteristics

SM 2.0

SM 50.0

Gross/usable capacity of the cup, l 2,6/ 1,7 -
Gross/usable capacity of the drum, l - 50/ 33
Cup/drum rotation speed, rpm 10 - 55 49
50 Hz supply voltage, V 220 380
Motor-reducer power, kW 0,18 0,75
Overall dimensions (Length x Width x Height), mm 610х525х430 1155х770х1000
Weight/weight with control panel, kg 100/- -/134
Cup/drum and lid material AISI 304
Compatible control panel built-in control panel MCP3-01


  • Effective mixing of the components in the cup by means of its complex three-dimensional motion;
  • Mixing of components without destruction or grinding of initial components;
  • Observation of operation through a transparent hinged cover;
  • Control of shaker mixers using a sensor panel;
  • Setting of shaker mixer operating time and cup rotational speed;
  • Manual turning of the basket to insert or remove the cup;
  • Cup is made of food-grade stainless steel AISI 321 or glass.

ADVANTAGES OF SM 50.0 «Drum Tumbler»:

  • No tool (vanes) inside the drum, which makes it possible to avoid grinding and destruction of particles during mixing;
  • Operation in 3 mixing modes (with different drum tilt angles) depending on the properties of the material and the volume to which the drum is filled;
  • The ability to turn the drum manually to load or unload material;
  • The drum is made of food-grade stainless steel AISI 321;
  • The drum is sealed by means of a quick-release cover with a gasket held in place by latches;
  • Operating safety of the shaker mixers is ensured by a protective housing and a limit switch;
  • Equipped with MPU3 control panel in metal housing;
  • Adjustable tilt angle of drum relative to its axis of rotation (15, 30, 45 and 90°).

Applications: Food additives, thermosetting plastics, reagents, sand, slag.