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Jaw crusher JC 10M








Ferroalloys, ores, slags, granite, marble, limestone, coal, coke, glass, ceramics.





Loading door dimensions, mm


Maximum initial material grain size, mm


Mohs hardness of crushed material, up to


Discharge slot adjustment range, mm


Average product particle size at minimum gap, mm


Maximum output, kg/hour*


Electric motor power, kW


50 Hz supply voltage, V


Collecting container volume, L


Overall dimensions (Length x Width x Height / Height with support stand) (mm)

710х490х620/ 1090

Weight / Weight with control panel (kg)

285/ 330

Jaw material – iron / steel

GJN-HV600 (XCr14) / UNS J91109

Compartible control panel


* Depends on the hardness of the material and the discharge slot setting.



Quick-release attachment lug of the axle for easy maintenance. Lubrication of moving parts through grease fittings. Easy adjustment of V-belt drive.  


Latch lockable cover reduces dusting. Loading hopper configuration eliminates material ejection. An opening for connecting a dust extraction system is made in the rear of the hopper.


The end switch excludes start-up without a loading hopper. Emergency Stop Button for quick shutdown. All rotating parts and assemblies are covered by casings.


Sawtooth threads (instead of metric) reduce the danger of jamming of the adjusting unit. A thread pitch of 3 mm allows to quickly change the gap between the jaws. The lock nut provides a reliable fixation of the gap.

The adjustment unit is equipped with a scale for setting the exact gap between the jaws.


Possibility of completing with a collecting bin of 20 liters on a roller trolley.


The loading hopper is fixed on the housing with the latches. The casing has windows in the front and rear walls for cleaning the crusher. During operation, the windows are closed with hinged covers.


The moving and fixed jaws of JC 10M are interchangeable and can also be rotated 180°. Lining armor made of wear-resistant steel. Bearings are manufactured by the Swedish company SKF.


Simultaneous crushing and reduction due to the combination of JC 10М Jaw Crusher and RSD Rotary sample divider in a single technological complex. Aggregation eliminates the stage of sample overload, which reduces dusting and increases work productivity.


Rotary sample divider is equipped with trays of different sizes:

  • 25% of the sample;
  • 10% of the sample;
  • 5% of the sample;
  • a tray with a partition that provides smooth adjustment of the degree of reduction from 10% to 1% of the total sample volume.

Rotary sample divider can be equipped with trays of other sizes upon special order.


JC 10M is a jaw crusher with a complex movement of the jaw, the destruction of the material in which occurs due to compression and shear deformations. The size of the crushed material is determined by the gap between the jaws in the lower part (discharge gap) and the physical characteristics of the crushed material.

The structure of the crusher includes: the loading hopper, the housing with the base mounted in, the connecting rod and the slot adjustment device. 

Two jaws are located inside the housing: fixed one on the base and movable one on the connecting rod.

The base is suspended on the axis, and its position in the lower part is determined by the adjusting device. The screw of the adjusting device rests against the base through the unit with Belleville springs, which protect the crusher from breaking if an invincible body enters. In the adjusting unit, a sawtooth thread of increased diameter S 36x3 is used, which reduces the danger of jamming of the device.

Torque from the electric motor is transmitted through a belt drive to an eccentric shaft, on which a connecting rod with a movable jaw is mounted.

The casing has windows in the front and rear walls for cleaning the inner surfaces of the crusher, as well as the connecting rod, base and lever. During operation, the windows are closed with hinged covers.

The loading hopper has a configuration that eliminates material ejection from the crushing chamber. The hopper loading opening is closed by the lid with a latch. A closed lid reduces dusting during crusher operation and the emission of particles of crushed material is completely eliminated.

There are two nozzles with shutters for connecting the dust collector in the rear of the loading hopper and in the lower part of the housing. The shutters provide the adjusting of the air flow.

On the right side of the casing there is a bracket with the emergency stop button and the end switch that prevents the crusher from starting without a loading hopper.


Material is fed into the loading hopper, from where it enters the working space between the jaws. The upper smooth surface of the jaws is not involved in crushing. Middle surface is ribbed, which allows to increase the specific pressure on the particles of crushed material in the zone of preliminary crushing. The lower smooth lower surfaces of the jaws form a parallel zone — a zone of fine grinding, in which the product of the required particle size is obtained.

The complex movement of the jaw (primary horizontal vibrations in the upper part of the crushing zone and vertical vibrations in the lower part) provides a high degree of crushing.

The crushing product is collected in a receiving container located under the discharge zone or in a collecting bin when the crusher is completed with a stand and a bin on a roller trolley.


JC 10М on stand

Emergency «Stop Button»

Nozzles for connecting a dust extraction system

JC 10M Jaw crusher and Cyclone dust collector with hood

MCP3 control panel

Loading scoops, V=1,2 L