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Disc grinder DG 200







Ferroalloys, ores, granite, marble, limestone, coal, coke, slag, diatomaceous soil, silica gel, automotive catalyst, glass, salt




Average product particle size at minimum gap, mm 50-70
Product particle size at minimum gap, mm 90%<100
Maximum initial material grain size, mm* 10
Mohs hardness of comminuted material, up to 8**
Output, kg/hour* 15-200
Hopper loading door dimensions, mm 95х185
Grinder loading door dimensions, mm 11,5хØ32
Discharge slot adjustment range, mm 0,1-5,0
50 Hz supply voltage, V 380
Electric motor power, kW 2,2
Disc rotation speed, rpm 1500
Gross/usable capacity of the collecting container, l 1,8/1,2
Gross/usable capacity of the collecting tank, l 12/8
Overall dimensions (Length x Width x Height), mm 630х410х925
Weight/weight with control panel, kg -/140
Discs material – silicon carbide/iron/steel/iron with tungsten carbide inserts -/EN-GJN-HV600 (XCr14)/GX120Mn13/EN-GJN-HV600 (XCr14)+tungsten carbide
Discs hardness – silicon carbide/iron/steel/iron with tungsten carbide inserts -/52-55 HRC/ 31-32 HRC/ inserts 1180-1280 HV
Compatible control panel MCP3-04

* Depends on the hardness of the material and the discharge slot setting.
** When using discs with tungsten carbide inserts.



Two types of work surfaces are combined in the design of DG 200 discs: wedge-shaped (for preliminary comminution) and flat (for fine grinding).


The bearing assembly is lubricated through a grease nipple. Easy adjustment of the V-belt drive. DG 200 Disc grinder is equipped with a discharge slot adjustment tool.


The end switch prevents the grinder from starting with grinding chamber or cover open. All rotating parts are covered with casings.


DG 200 is equipped with the quick-detachable collecting container of 2 liters or 10 liters.


Supplement DG 200 with vibratory feeder VF 1 provides:

  • increase in output up to 20%;
  • reduction of disk wear;
  • reduction of dusting;
  • facilitation of the operator work.


The control panel is designed to start and stop the crusher and provides:

  • automatic power off when exceeding the maximum current value or short circuit;
  • protection of the operator from electric shock;
  • motor overload.


The folding grinding chamber provides quick access to the moving and fixed disks for cleaning or replacing them.


The DG 200 disks are made of cast iron GJN-HV600 (XCr14) or steel UNS J91109. Moving disc and fixed disc are interchangeable.

The grinder can also be equipped with tungsten carbide inserts discs, which significantly increase disks resource.


In DG 200 Disc grinder comminution occurs due to abrasion — simultaneous compression and shear of the material.

The structure of the grinder includes: a folding grinding chamber with loading and discharge funnels, a collecting container, moving and fixed disks, a housing with a drive shaft, a base and an electric motor.

The particle size of the final product is determined by the gap between the disks (discharge slot). The gap between the disks is adjusted by moving the shaft with the moving disk in the axial direction.

The surface of the disks on the periphery is flat and near the center it has a complex wedge-shaped form. The selected dimensions and angles of inclination of the troughs and teeth provide high grinding efficiency and reduce the load on parts and assemblies during grinding

The torque from the electric motor is transmitted through the V-belt drive to the drive shaft..


The material is fed into a loading funnel, from where it enters the working cavity between the disks through an opening in the center of the fixed disk. As a result of the action of centrifugal forces, the particles of the material move from the center to the edges of the disks, gradually grinding. The stream of crushed particles coming from the gap between the disks enters the grinding chamber, where the particles lose their speed and pour through a discharge funnel into a collection container.

The output of the DG 200 Disc grinder depends on the hardness of the material, the setting of the discharge slot, the initial grain size of the material and the required grain size of the product.



  • Assembled with PG 1 Vibratory feeder and DG 250 Disc grinder for grinding alloys in argon environment.

DG 200 drive

Loading funnel and opening to control the gap between the discs

Collecting container of 2 liters and 10 liters

DG 200 Disc grinder with dust collector

Loading scoops, V= 0,07 L and 1,2 L