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Support posts

The control panels are designed for connecting AC induction motors to the supply circuit and for starting, protecting and shutting them off.
VIBROTECHNIK manufactures two types of control panel: MPU with a metal housing and PPU with a plastic housing.
The PPU control panel is designed for tabletop equipment in laboratories.
The MPU control panels are designed for large items operating under severe conditions. The MPU has modifications designed for control of process units consisting of several equipment items: the SMPU with two pushbutton posts.


  • IP 54 dust and moisture resistance rating;
  • Complies with IЕС 60439- 1:2004 «Low Voltage Distribution and Control Components»;
  • Automatic power shutoff if the maximum permissible current is exceeded or a short circuit occurs;
  • Two fuses to protect control circuit elements;
  • When limit microswitches and an emergency stop button are connected, the motor is inhibited if the equipment operating rules are violated;
  • The MPU has a tall post for floor mounting, while the PPU has a short post for tabletop mounting;
  • Marking and assembly of control circuit wires in a bundle;
  • The MPU housing and cover are made of metal 1.5 mm thick;
  • The PPU housing is made of impact-resistant plastic;
  • Visual observation of the position of the thermal overload relay button and circuit breaker handle through the transparent cover of the PPU.