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Supplies of VIBROTECHNIK equipment to the African market are growing

Over the past 6 months, with the assistance of the official distributor of VIBROTECHNIK, Mineral Innovative Technologies (Pty) Ltd, more than 30 units of VIBROTECHNIK equipment have been delivered to South Africa and other countries of Central and Southern Africa:

VIBROTECHNIK equipment is already successfully operated on the African continent at the enterprises of international corporations and the largest regional companies in the mining industry: «Anglo American», «Glencore», «Bauba Platinum», «Cataler», «Rob 5 Milling», «Salene Manganese», «ALS Chemex», «Northham Platinum Zondereinde», «Sibanye Gold», «AHK Zambia», «Black Mountain» Mining and many more.


Equipment before shipping to South Africa