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Vibration drive with round serial number manufactured by VIBROTECHNIK

VIBROTECHNIK has sold the five thousandth copy of the VP 30 / VP 30T vibration drive. This model of sieving equipment is distinguished by exceptional reliability and high technical characteristics; some of those drives have been successfully operated by our customers for over 10 years.

The buyer of VP 30T № 5000 is the Russian pharmaceutical company ELLARA LLC.

Over the last month, 2 more models with round serial numbers were shipped to customers. JC 6M Jaw crusher № 1300 was supplied to DELS LLC (Russia). DG 175M Disc grinder № 50 was purchased by KAZ ALTYN MINERALS LLP (Kazakhstan).

VP 30T Vibration drive № 5000

VP 30T Vibration drive № 5000