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Planetary ball mill PBM 1-4

VIBROTECHNIK presents the planetary ball mill PBM 1-4. This equipment is designed for the simultaneous comminution of four samples with a volume of up to 45 cm3 each, the total volume of crushed samples is up to 180 cm3. The mill is produced by VIBROTECHNIK according to the design documentation and under the supervision of its developer Vladimir Kochnev.

In the PBM 1-4 planetary ball mill, grinding occurs due to abrasion - simultaneous deformation of compression and shear, as well as impact destruction by the balls. Milling product particles size depends on the time of comminution, the physical properties of the material, the volume of samples loaded, and the number of balls used.

A new class of equipment will allow milling materials of increased hardness, as well as reducing the size of the product up to 1 μm, which opens up opportunities for VIBROTECHNIK to enter a new segment of laboratory equipment market.

Planetary ball mill PBM 1-4

PBM 1-4 cup and balls