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VIBROTECHNIK equipment won another victory in the competition “100 Best Products of Russia”

The Directorate of the All-Russian competition of the program “100 Best Products of Russia” summed up the results of the 2023 competition. The Cutting mill CM 120M became a laureate, and the Planetary ball mill PBM 1-4 became a diploma winner of the competition. The award ceremony took place on December 12 at the Test-St. Petersburg Federal Institution (Rosstandart).

The head of the technical support group of VIBROTECHNIK LLC, Dmitry Udovenko, was awarded the honorary badge “Excellence in Quality” within the framework of the competition. The company’s management was awarded the honorary badge “For Achievements in the Field of Quality” for many years of work to improve the equipment produced.

VIBROTECHNIK has regularly taken part in the “100 Best Products of Russia” competition since 2005. During this time, the company's products five times became winners of the competition and twenty-four times became diploma winners of the competition.

Presentation of competition awards