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Polymetal Trading House LLC

Polymetal International plc is an Anglo-Russian precious metals mining company. The company is the third global primary silver producer, the largest silver and the fourth gold producer in Russia. Polymetal owns gold and silver mines and carries out exploration activities in six regions of Russia, Kazakhstan and Armenia.

The Magadan branch of Polymetal Trading House LLC expresses its respect and gratitude to VIBROTECHNIK LLC for many years of fruitful cooperation. For 10 years of successful work, JC 6 and JC 10 jaw crushers, DRC 200x125 double-roller crusher, SM 50 shaker mixers, RSS riffle sample splitters, sieve Shakers have been delivered to the enterprises of the Magadan branch. There were no complaints about the quality of supplies.

In cooperation with the company VIBROTECHNIK LLC, we note the high speed of order fulfillment and prompt delivery of spare parts and components for equipment.

We express hope for further successful and mutually beneficial cooperation.



Deputy Procurement Director

A.V. Galaev