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Inspectorate Estonia AS

Bureau Veritas is a company specialized in the testing, inspection and certification founded in 1828 in France. It operates in a variety of sectors, including Building & Infrastructure, Agri-food & Commodities, Marine & Offshore, Industry, Certification and Consumer Products.

Bureau Veritas is present in 140 countries through a network of over 1,500 offices and laboratories, and more than 78,000 employees.

Inspectorate Estonia AS expresses its gratitude for the fruitful cooperation in the selection, production and supply of VG 3 vibrating grinder and S 50 sieve shaker. This equipment is used to prepare samples of ferroalloys and metal pellets.

During the period of operation, this equipment proved to be reliable and of high quality. The following features should also be noted:



Simplicity and safety of operation.

The positive experience of cooperation with the company "VIBROTECHNIK" allows us to hope for further fruitful joint work of our enterprises in the future.



Victor Rutkovsky

Inspectorate Estonia AS

General manager