Maliy pr. V. O., 62/2, liter A, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, 199178


Alfred H Knight  a global network of strategically placed offices and laboratories enable global trade by providing independent inspection, analysis and consultancy services to the metals and minerals and solid fuels industries.

Alfred Knight St. Petersburg LLC specializes in the market of survey services. Collection and preparation of samples for chemical analysis (ores, concentrates, ferroalloys, solid fuels, etc.) is one of the Company’s activities, therefore, we got interested in VIBROTECHNIK LLC when it entered the market as a manufacturer of laboratory equipment for grinding and screening materials. We have been cooperating with VIBROTECHNIK LLC since early 2000s.

We have purchased two Jaw crusher JC 10. One of them has been operating fault-free for over a decade, Vibrating cone mill VCM 6 cone crusher which demonstrates smooth operation, about a hundred screens having various diameters. It should be noted that even though the company started with the manufacture of sieves having small diameters (200 mm), it quickly mastered the manufacture of sieves having diameters of up to 0.5 meters with a wide range of sizes of circular- and square-section apertures in order to meet the customers’ requests.

In our opinion, your company is very fast-paced. Over 23 years of activities, your company managed to make the way from the leased premises occupied on the 7th line of Vasilievsky Island to the production facility deployed in the owned building, it has also significantly expanded the range of products and offers something new every year. The equipment manufactured by your company is quite reliable in terms of operation and wins us over due to the quality-to-price ratio.

V.S. Strykanov,

Head of Laboratory at Alfred Knight St. Petersburg LLC